Building a new home is a lengthy process, but it can be simplified and customers can make decisions more easily by following our step-by-step guidelines.

It is important to organize tasks in a series of meetings between the builder and customer to discuss the following topics:

  • The type of house plan and exterior elevations
  • The location
  • The suitability of the desired homesite
  • The financial feasibility of the desired home

After these initial conversations, we are able to determine whether the home will be within the customer’s desired budget, whether Simply Southern Traditional Homes, Inc. is a suitable builder for the project, and if the home can be designed or modified from an existing plan or if the customer should be referred to an architect. Whether accomplished in-house or by an architect, the design and permitting process can take two months or longer. It is imperative that this pre-construction planning is not rushed to avoid costly changes once the home construction has begun.

Once we’ve obtained all the agreed upon plans and have obtained all the necessary permits, construction usually takes 8 to 10 months for most homes.

Company-owned homesites may be reserved with a $5,000 deposit. Presale homes can be started with a 5% deposit followed by a second 5% deposit upon the start of sheetrock installation. These deposits would apply toward the purchase price at closing.

In the housing industry, homes may be priced three ways:

  1. Homes may be fully bid if owner’s building plans, specifications, and budgets are known.
  2. Homes may be priced as cost plus a fixed fee.
  3. Homes may be priced as a fixed percentage of either the cost of construction or the overall cost of the project.

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